Laser Welding Devices

Contrakt- Materials offers both robotic laser welding stations and compact machines. The CNC welders are designed for small workpieces requiring high precision, while the 6-axis robot-based equipment works well for larger workpieces reaching up to 6 meters.

The laser welding process integrated with automatic devices has the following advantages:

  • decreasing the process time,
  • increasing the aesthetics of elements,
  • reduction of production preparation costs,
  • reduction of production costs,
  • reduction or elimination of post-production costs,
  • cost reduction of additional materials for production,
  • reduction of electricity consumption,
  • reducing the involvement of people in production,
  • increasing work safety,
  • guarantee of full repeatability of production.

Our offer

  • Laser Protective Glass
  • Cutter nozzles
  • Ceramic rings
  • Laser Welding Devices
  • Laser Welding Process Consultancy
  • Laser cutting
  • Press bending
  • Laser Hardening