Who we are?


Modern protective windows for lasers

Contrakt – Materials is a group of laser technology specialists with many years of experience in Automotive. With years of experience, we are able to comprehensively take over the supply of consumable parts for welding and cutting lasers. In addition, we can provide finished products in terms of laser cutting and bending on CNC presses, and provide the service of the most accurate and cost-optimized surface hardening, namely laser hardening.

In addition, as a distributor of equipment from the world’s largest laser company, IPG Photonics, we can deliver a ready-made laser welding device to the customer, and optimize the welding process.


Contrakt – Materials has been providing protective glasses for laser heads for almost 10 years.


We offer almost all sizes available on the market.

The windows are made of high-quality fused quartz, and depending on the application and customers’ needs, we can provide the product with or without anti-reflective coating.Our AR coatings are also tailored to meet the high requirements of customers. The standard is to apply the coating on both sides of the glass.


Our offer

  • Laser Protective Glass
  • Cutter nozzles
  • Ceramic rings
  • Laser Welding Devices
  • Laser Welding Process Consultancy
  • Laser cutting
  • Press bending
  • Laser Hardening